Our authentic flavor profiles are crafted by our factory in Scotland, UK, and the meat is added here in the USA. Our unique tastes aren’t just fashioned at home; they are rooted in the home.

Rooted in Family Legacy

All good food has roots, and the best foundations to a good recipe come from family.

Our nanna was a huge part of our upbringing. The most potent memories of her are fixed with sweet and savory tastes, mesmerizing smells, and her love of cooking. Howells British Grub is founded and dedicated to the memory of a loving grandmother that started it all. Though she passed away from dementia in 2018, her legacy lives on! She not only doused her cooking with love, but gave her kindness and compassion freely to those around her.

Her health never stopped her from putting others first. Because of her love of helping others, Howells is also dedicated to giving back. At Howells, we put part of our profits into a charity fund to help others in need. Each year we hold an application period for anyone to apply for help.